Regicide Legacy - Eternally Yours

8th March, 2024

The Replayability Question

A lot of people are excited for Regicide Legacy but at the same time are wanting to know more about what happens after you finish the game.

We are totally fine with legacy games being a ‘one-and-done’ experience (where one is more like 20 to 50 games) and we know that when you have finished Regicide Legacy you will be very happy that you got your money’s worth. Having said that...

We will be launching Regicide Legacy with an incredible post-campaign mode and a campaign reset option.

Eternal Mode

Once you’ve completed Regicide Legacy you’ll have a deck unique to your game group. We will have an ‘eternal’ mode that you can continue to play over and over again. It’s going to be chaos, carnage and super fun. Each time you'll play a different scenario so you’ll get to experience a lot of new challenges and unexpected interactions! We also plan to support this mode by posting regular scenarios that you can try to beat, and you can share your victories (and crushing defeats) with your friends. You’ll also be able to experiment with creating your own scenarios, customising the difficulty to your taste.

Reset Box

The reset option won’t come in the box, but will be a separate smaller edition of all the sealed mission packs, starting deck and rulebook. It will be available as an add-on during crowdfunding, and via our website. You will need Regicide Legacy to make use of the reset pack. It will let you run a new group of friends through the entire experience of the game and can even be passed onto an entirely new set of players.

Cartography Complete

As for the here and now, we’ve nearly finished our world map. I’ll show it to you now if you promise not to get upset if we tweak it a little bit before it goes to the manufacturers. 🙂

Introducing the world of Regicide Legacy: Deccaria.

Game Progress Update

Pre-production is the name of the game at the moment. We're about to hit send on 400+ cards/boxes/tokens/playmats and hope to have a physical copy in our hands soon!

The Kickstarter video is progressing nicely and we'll have a brand new learn to play video coming soon too.

Happy gaming,

Paul, Luke, Andy, DJ.

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