Regicide Legacy - A New Adventure

4th August, 2023

What's In the Box?

Of course this is subject to change, but these are the things you can expect to find when you open the box:

  • Starting 40-card deck (familiar faces from the Tavern!)
  • Large neoprene playmat with trackers and tokens for keeping track of enemy attack/health and areas for all the decks and zones
  • Four small neoprene player playmats for cards in play
  • 12 mission packs (each with their own story, enemy, setup / rules overview and reward cards)
  • Additional packs with content that unlocks as you play
  • Custom art sleeves

How Does Player Count Work?

Regicide Legacy is a 1-4 player game. It's designed in a way that means you can have players drop in or out between missions without disrupting the campaign in any way. One player can't make it to games night? Feel free to carry on without them (if you don't mind filling them in on what they missed!). You can even play missions solo if you'd like!

How Do Missions Work?

In Regicide Legacy there are 12 missions that players will play through in order. You must successfully complete a mission before progressing to the next. Given the relatively short game length, even if you are unsuccessful multiple times, you should be able to progress through one or more missions during a gaming session.

If you face defeat in a mission you'll get some assistance to help you out in your next attempt. This ramps up so that each successive defeat stacks your deck even more in your favour!

Mission 1 is an introduction to Regicide. For players unfamiliar with Regicide this will get them accustomed to the base rules of the game. For Regicide veterans you'll be able to crack into mission 1 with very few rules to learn and you'll get an understanding of how it forms the basis for the storyline of Regicide Legacy.

After completing mission 1 you'll progress through 11 missions with brand new content and exciting surprises. Each mission has new enemies and unique mechanics. This means your first play through a mission usually involves learning how the new mechanics affect the flow of the game. Unless you're absolute Regicide masters you can expect to be unsuccessful with this first attempt, but with the knowledge gained you should be able to have a good chance of success in your next attempts.


Each mission pack contains a sealed reward pack. You'll get to crack into this once you're successful. Rewards include new cards, stickers to augment your existing cards with new powers and [redacted] which add new, permanent rules to the game! As the power of your party increases you'll discover novel, interesting interactions which will help you overcome the new challenges you face.

What's the Story?

Regicide Legacy has a story which weaves through each of the 12 missions. The story centers around corruption, what it's doing to the land and its inhabitants, and how it can ultimately be dealt with.

Normally in a campaign game the players are the heroes of the story, but in Regicide Legacy our heroes are the cards themselves. So instead of the story talking about "you" it will name the characters, and you'll see those names on the cards you play with during the game.

What's Next?

We're hard at work getting art done, testing and tweaking mission balance and putting together assets for printing and for the Kickstarter campaign. Things are progressing nicely and we'll keep you up to date as we continue!

Until next time,

Badgers From Mars (Andy, Luke and Paul)
Sketchgoblin (DJ)

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