Regicide Legacy - A Change of Suits

30th January, 2024

Hello there! Well it’s the new year and that means Regicide Legacy is coming to crowdfunding very soon. It also means that it’s time for another update about how Regicide Legacy will look, play and feel. Today’s focus is the look!

The Box

The all-important box art is not yet finalised, but we felt it was close enough to give you a sneak peek. You might recognise most of the characters in the picture.

And when it’s all put together it’s going to look something like this:

As you can probably tell, that’s a digital-only rendering. We’ll soon have enough assets completed to get a printed prototype from our manufacturer. We can’t wait!

A Classy Alternative

For the original Regicide we made an intentional design decision to use a standard deck of cards and their traditional icons. We wanted people to enjoy the familiarity of hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. It meant that the game was less intimidating to approach for those new to gaming and had the added bonus of meaning the deck could be used for games other than Regicide. We are very happy with that decision and how it panned out.

Regicide Legacy is a different beast, and so we’ve taken the leap to move on from the traditional icons to a more thematic approach. We think it will help players to get lost in the world, fall in love with the characters and tell their own stories about the brave heroes they send into battle.

Our clerics, bards, warriors and paladins now have class icons that speak to their specialty, along with their name, race and class.

You might not have known that they had names! Well, they do! And in Regicide Legacy you get to learn them all - if you want to, that is 🙂

You’ll also notice each class now has its own unique colour. This helps identify cards in your hand and on the table quickly. We were surprised at how easy it was to get used to the new icons given we've played hundreds of games with the old icons! The new icons are vivid and evocative, elevating the gaming experience.

With 40 characters in the starting party, you’re not going to get the life story of each one, but throughout the campaign you will get to know a selection of characters on a more personal level. River for example is as smart as a whip and, despite his low-altitude outlook on the world, is one of the more observant members of the party. Herbod is unflappable, quick-witted and always up for a fight, even if he tries not to show it. Totara is analytical, always trying to make sense of a confusing world, and is about as no-nonsense as his heavy sledge. Elashor is often sarcastic and always brooding, but when there’s a wound to tend to, he’ll be the first one there.

Game Progress Update

Our major focus now is the Kickstarter campaign. We're underway with developing our Kickstarter teaser video and other promotional material while we put together a larger marketing plan. It's all coming together quite nicely.

We're also nailing down some of the finer lore and story details including the name of the world and the name of our band of heroes, which we'll share with you in our next update...

We’re super excited for Regicide Legacy and can’t wait to share more news (including a crowdfunding start date) with you!

Paul, Luke, Andy, DJ.

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